About prints.....
Sometimes the photographs I take don't conform to the standard sizes of readily available
picture frames such as 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 with out cropping out important parts of the
photographs.  Often the optimal size is 8x12 but how often do you see an 8x12 inch picture

There are three ways around this problem.
1 -  You chose to have me crop the photo. Artistic license will be taken to get the most
important elements of the photo to get the image to fit on the size of paper you want whether
it be a 4x6 inch print or a 16x20 inch print.

2 - I print the photo at the odd size such as 8x12 and you opt to have it custom matted and
framed by a third party.  A 8x12 can be matted for an 11x14 matt and 11x14 frames are
fairly common.

3 - I can print the photo a bit smaller than the size of frame you have.  For example, let's say
you have an 8x10 inch frame, but the optimal size of the photo you want is 8x12.  I would
scale the image down so it would fit on the 8x10 inch paper.  This would leave white space
all around your photo. This isn't a bad thing. In fact some people prefer it because it makes
the photo really stand out.

If you don't see the size you want then please contact me and I can try to accommodate your

Each photograph in the galleries has a price list. The optimal size(s) of print will be listed. When you
see the optimal size and price this is the size that requires very very minimal cropping or no cropping
at all.

Please note if you opt for the white space option you  can have any size of image you want as long
as it's smaller than the print size. Print size is the actual size of photo paper the image is printed on.
So for example let's say you want a print that is 16x20 inches but you want a 4x6 inch image
centered on it. That's an extreme example with a lot of left over white space but it is possible. You
can also request a different color other than white for the "dead space". Just contact me with your
photo size 5x8
In this example the white portion or the
actual photo paper is 8x10 inches in
size.  In the center is a photo that has
been scaled down to fit within the
confines of the 8x10 format. The actual
image on the 8x10 is 5x8. The size will
vary from photograph to photograph.
In this example we see a print that is
8x10 inches in size with a 4x6 inch
image centered horizontally and offset
vertically with optional text. Just contact
me and I can try to accommodate your
Print Quality
All of our photos (unless noted otherwise) are printed at professional photo labs using the
latest equipment and the best quality Kodak or FujiFilm papers. The resulting photographs
are very high quality images similar to traditional film print.